Friday, December 7, 2012

"The Twin" Bracelets - Made to order

A pair of bracelets made to order for two lovely girl (I only know one of them, Andreea, my filed trip partner for two years, but I am sure that her best friend is quite nice to). Again micromaille, really time consuming but so good looking.
For those of you who hand`t read about my micromaille projects, here is a short description of the process: 
- Micromaiile is about small rings, as smaller as possible.
- The ring that I usually work with for micromaille have the inner diameter of 2 mm.
- All my rings are made by my own hand; I make these roles from wire on a mandrel, then cut the rings using a jeweler saw; the last step is opening each and every ring using a ring opener and bent nose pliers.
- Last, each ring is integrated in a chainmaille pattern - in this case, byzantine.

Quite some work, so I wait the applause :))

Materials: handmade silver plated copper wire, non tarnish; silver plated clasp.
Weave: byzantine
Inner diameter of rings: 2 mm
Technique: micromaille

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